Pizza Veterano sends its products to evacuated Ukrainians

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The founder of Pizza Veterano pizzeria and ATO veteran Leonid Ostaltsev has reacted to the situation happened the day before in Novi Sanzhary (Poltava Oblast), where Ukrainians from China’s Wuhan were evacuated, and called it Humanity Test, adding that not everyone passed it. He wrote this on Facebook:

“To desert our compatriots in trouble is nothing but a dirty act. What I saw in the so-called “Sanzhary” – as well as all my friends saw too – shocked me. No need to tell about fear or other BS – this is exclusively a humanity test, which some “people” failed to pass!”

Кидати своїх – то Свинство. Я в шоці від побаченого, в так званих «санжарах» і всі мої знайомі теж. Не треба казати про…

Gepostet von Leonid Ostaltsev am Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2020

At the same time, Ostaltsev said that today, February 21, Pizza Veterano sendspizzas, brownies, drinks and desserts for “our citizens evacuated from China.”

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