Razumkov told about farmland market in Ukraine

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The farmland market of Ukraine can be opened for foreigners only following the results of a nationwide referendum. The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Razumkov said this on the air of the The Right to Power panel show.

According to Razumkov, it is still a question when exactly the referendum will be held, since it is uneasy to prepare it.

Razumkov noted that a referendum on the land market could take place before 2024, but not between the first and second readings of the corresponding bill.

“This is not true, because it is physically impossible to prepare to hold a referendum … Now there is no law on a referendum … About what the president said and what was agreed, as I understand it, with the majority of parliament … Position #1: the land market will open, it will open to individuals, and it will open to legal entities whose owners and ultimate beneficiaries are Ukrainian citizens,” he said.

The speaker emphasized that the opening of the land market is necessary so that people have the right to dispose of their property, but nevertheless, in order to create conditions for the land market, it is necessary “to refine many things, such as preparing registers, cadastres, combating raiding, and the government deals with it.”

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