The film “Cherkasy” is ready for release

Photo from open sources

The full-length feature film “Cherkasy” by Timur Yashchenko was created on the basis of real events. The movie was filmed in Ochakovo, Odessa and a small village of Chernihiv region.

About this reports Ukrainian State Film Agency

The plot is centered on the crew of the Cherkasy minesweeper, who in March 2014 became the only one of seven ships that kept the Ukrainian flag on its mast on Donuzlav lake during the annexation of Crimea.

“The film turned out to be extremely emotional, with voluminous characters of the main characters. The tape, frankly and in places with cruel realism, talks about the state of the Ukrainian naval forces on the eve of the Revolution of Dignity, but at our testing time, the heroes of the picture, the crew of Cherkasy minesweeper, fell into a hopeless dramatic situation, becoming an example courage and dignity, – shares his impressions Philip Ilyenko, Ukrainian State Film Agency chairman.

The authors of the soundtrack were Katya Chile and Anton Baibakov. The premiere of the film was to be held last year.

As the Journalist reported Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival announced the program.

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