There is a new location on OIFF-2019

Photo from open sources

The new cinema in Odessa Multiplex will be another location for watching movies at the 10th Odessa International Film Festival, as well as the venue for the Summer Film Market.

This is reported by OIFF website.

“This year we opened our first Multiplex cinema in Odessa and this was the impetus for a partnership with a large-scale film festival in Ukraine – the Odessa International Film Festival. As part of the agreement, our network will expand the festival map and will become another location for watching movies, as well as the venue for the film market in 2019 in Odessa.

We are pleased with this opportunity – this is a collaboration that we have long dreamed of, and we hope for a fruitful partnership, ” says Vitali Pysarenko, general director of the Multiplex cinema chain.

Recall the 10th Odessa International Film Festival will be held from 12 to 20 July.

As the Journalist reported “Volcano” movie premiere took place in Kyiv.

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