Ukraine’s population shrinks by 212.5 thousand people over 10 months

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During January-October 2019, the population in Ukraine decreased by 212.5 thousand people. This was reported in the report by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

According to the State Statistics Service, for the past ten months of 2019, the population of Ukraine decreased from 42 million 198.4 thousand people to 41 million 940.7 thousand people.

“Ukraine’s population, as of November 1, 2019, amounted to 41 million 940.7 thousand people. During January-October, the population decreased by 212.5 thousand people,” the report said.

It is noted that the excess of deaths over births remains significant. According to the report, there are 54 births per 100 deaths.

The natural population decline in Ukraine in January-October 2019 amounted to 224.5 thousand people, while at the same time, the migration growth of the population during this period reached 12,000 people.

As The Journalist reported, Second stage of trial census begins in Ukraine.

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