“The First Company” documentary movie premiere took place in Kyiv (PHOTO, VIDEO)

photo: Yaroslava Matvieienko

On March 21 at cinema theater “Planeta Kino” premiere of documentary film “The First Company” was held.

The movie tells story of the first hundred of Euromaidan, most of which went from there to the frontline.

“The First Company” it’s not just a documentary – it is built on classical drama rules. That is what creates the effect of a feature film, despite the fact that there is not a single production shot. And therefore it is more impressive. Those who watch can expect complete immersion “inside” events on Euromaidan 2013-2014. For many, this will be a painful, but necessary therapy. Time does not cure, and in some cases it is beneficial, because the experience of some memories should be remembered at the DNA level.

There are three directors of the film, the work on which lasted for four years: Yaroslav Pilunsky, Yuriy Gruzinov and Yulia Shashkova.

“When part of the First Hundred went to the front, the second part remained in Kyiv, we watched the barricade before it was parsed. In parallel, we tracked events at the front and traveled with our heroes to Debaltseve, where the 25th battalion “Kyevan Rus” stood. We took part in operation as well,” the director Yaroslav Pilunsky says.

The main message of the movie is the story about choice; or rather a reminder about choice and now it is relevant more than ever, because very soon Ukrainians will again have to decide. And it is more than president to be elected; but their citizen position.

By the way, “The First Company” won Audience Award of International Festival “DocudaysUA-2018”.

In the coming week film will be shown in Sumy, Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv. This film will be also shown abroad.

Text and photo: Yaroslava Matvieienko

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