Armed Forces of Ukraine: Russia increase its military presence in Crimea

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Since 2014, the Russian Navy has increased its presence in Crimea by 45%, and now the peninsula has been turned into Russia’s “most powerful military base”. This was announced by the Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, in an interview with Ukrinform.

“For seven years the combat strength of surface ships and submarines of the Black Sea Fleet has been increased by 45%. The total number is 58 units, including the carriers of sea-based cruise missiles “Caliber” – 13 units,” he said.

He noted that another small missile ship “Graivoron” was recently taken into service in the Black Sea Fleet. In addition, Russia has increased the number of combat aircraft by 3.5 times and helicopters by 9 times. The number of tanks has reached about 40 units, the number of armored combat vehicles has increased 6 times, and multiple launch rocket systems – 6.5 times. Also, Russia deployed an anti-aircraft/anti-missile and anti-ship defense system. The number of servicemen has tripled and exceeded 40,000 people.

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