Biogas station construction started in Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine

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The construction of a biogas station that will operate on beet pulp and silage launched near the village of Shyroka Hreblya in the Vinnytsia Oblast, the Twenty minutes informs.

The construction of the complex has already begun. The biogas will be produced with the use of a special Adverio Engineering (Netherlands) technology. It is expected that during the year the station will process 31,000 tons of beet pulp, and it is planned to deliver the received electricity to the general network at the green tariff.

“It is planned to receive 100-140 cubic meters of biogas per 1 tonn of raw materials. This amount of gas will enough to generate 3 MWh of electrical and a similar amount of thermal energy,” the report says.

As The Journalist reported, two reactor biogas plant launched in Kyiv Oblast.

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