Next year e-baby system will be introduced in Ukraine

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has decided to prepare implementation of the e-baby system since January 1, 2020.

The relevant decision was made at a government meeting on July 10.

The Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko said that, thanks to the introduction of the system, Ukrainian parents will be able, without any bureaucracy, to receive in electronic format ten basic services provided by the state with regard to the birth of a child, in particular, birth and residence registration, state benefits and the like.

As the Minister stressed, the services will be available both online and at the administrative center.

“The Ukrainian government has submitted a bill to the parliament, which would secure this e-baby service on a legal basis. But as we realize that it’s technical preparation requires certain time, today we approve the government’s decision to introduce an e-baby pilot project so that to prepare all technical solutions by January 1, 2020”, noted Petrenko.

As The Journalist reported, Estonia will help Ukraine to transfer public services into electronic format to work online.

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