Sales of used cars increased by 50% in Ukraine

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In June, Ukrainians registered 29,200 used cars, which is 52% more than the previous year, Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association reports.

Over the first half of the year, 139,400 used cars received Ukrainian registration plates.

The leader in sales was the German Volkswagen. From January to June, Ukrainians registered 22,727 used cars of this brand, which is 24 times more than new cars.

American Ford took second place with 13,639 sold old cars. Initial registrations of used Ford cars were 14 times higher than the registration of new ones.

Czech Skoda became third – 10,744 used cars were sold (five times more than sales of new cars of this brand).

French Renault became the fourth. In total 10,053 cars were registered in Ukraine, which is 1.6 times more than sales of new Renault cars.

Japanese Nissan closes the top five with a result of 8,020 cars. New cars of this brand were sold 4.5 times less over half a year.

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