Sigma Software сo-founder spoke about IT-consulting today


Valeriy Krasovsky, CEO and co-founder of the Sigma Software, specializing in IT consulting, talked to The Journalist’s correspondent about the organizational activities, the importance of establishing contacts, the peculiarities of the Ukrainian market, its attractiveness for investors, the challenges of the modern world and the cyber security in everyday life.

Valeriy Krasovsky: Cybersecurity will be particularly active in IT industry

 – Tell us about Sigma Software’s activities today. What are the differences since it started to work in 2002?

The company has been operating on Ukrainian market for 17 years. Initially, when the outsourcing industry started working in Ukraine, the projects were simple enough (making sites, coding, etc.). Today, the company has entered the world level, and we offer solutions that are used by leading companies in the world (when booking tickets at terminals in Sweden, when buying spare parts on well-known web portals by German companies dealing with autonomous driving development, etc.). We are taking part in the global technological revolution from Ukraine. This change has taken place. 

Having been working for Western markets for a long time, we began to understand the consumer needs, how it all works, what can be done in Ukraine, or which Ukrainian-made products can be attractive for the west. Not all Ukrainian clients are ready to buy expensive and high-quality IT services so far, but many of them do it already.

– You pay much attention to the arrangement of the office space, don’t you?

We have over 1,000 people in Ukraine who working for Western markets, so we need the offices. We are aware of the lack of qualitative space in Ukraine, so we are investing not only in a place with a chair and a table. We provide the whole infrastructure.

Our company rents a room, but we make the whole interior arrangement by ourselves as we have our own team of designers. We try to focus everywhere on green technology, it is convenient to have a place for rest, so that employees could enjoy their worktime and not feeling alone far from home. In addition, we have all the data on European servers.

– Why do customers choose you?

When new companies are turning to us, they gain access to our experience, our network of venture capital investors who are constantly monitoring the Ukrainian start-ups market and are ready to invest in them.

We actively co-operate with venture funds, primarily as a service company – we are involved in the development of their startups, and, besides, we can invite them to co-invest in projects that we find attractive. Investors are interested in receiving timely information on interesting projects.

We want to help Ukraine to build a system. To have more startups to get investment. We are ready to help with our experience, as we work with a huge number of startups.

However, along with this, we work with large companies, serial entrepreneurs who know what they are doing, they already have investments and experience, and they know where and how to sell well and whom.

– Talking about the today’s challenges, what IT areas are to be developed, and which should paid particular attention to?

Now many invest in cybersecurity. The reason is simple – there are a lot of home devices we can control through the Internet, or it seems that we are able of doing it. Someone does not change passwords, someone made it too simple. It is quite easy to break such devices and, thus, gain control over someone’s private life. So the cybersecurity industry will grow further. The same refers to machines that become the objects of external control. This is a very important matter and soon it is going to be invested heavily. Moreover, the medicine is always on time. It is always both necessary and interesting.

Another developing trend is the green technology. Now, for example, we are cooperating with a Swedish company investing in the construction of garbage processing plants in Sweden. Their technology works perfectly. Swedes are buying garbage in other countries. They lack their garbage from which they receive electricity.

– How can you evaluate the current business communication here in Ukraine? For example, the Swedish-Ukrainian Business Forum, which has already been held for the eighth time this year and the member of which you has become?

Not so long ago, I visited one of the largest venture conferences in the world, ourCrowd, which was held in Jerusalem (Israel). Its concept is interesting: it is not just an event, but, actually an investment fund and an event at the same time. The ourCrowd invests in companies that show up during the event, so venture capitalists who have already come there know that these startups are selected by experts and ourCrowd has already invested in them. There are really interesting medical industry and robotics projects.

There were a lot of experts at today’s event, but we would like to expand its scale and attract more participants. It would be nice to increase the number of direct flights, as for business people there is always a big difference between one- and two day trips.

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