Stoltenberg: Reconnaissance drones will patrol NATO’s eastern and southern borders

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The latest AGS RQ-4D unmanned surveillance aircraft, with a fleet of five high-tech devices deployed in Sicily, will allow NATO to monitor the situation on the eastern and southern borders of the Alliance. This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

“With five drones, we can monitor two regions at once. They will allow us to monitor large areas from the sky and provide a complete picture of the situation on the ground at any time. These planes can even recognize individual improvised explosive devices. Therefore, it will be a very useful tool for surveillance and reconnaissance. Allies will determine what missions these UAVs can carry out. I expect most flights will take place along the eastern and southern borders of the Alliance,” Stoltenberg said.

US Air Force General Tod Walters, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, has announced the deployment of a fleet of NATO AGS RQ-4D Phoenix unmanned surveillance aircraft, equipped with the necessary technical equipment. The UAV squadron will be based at Sigonella Italian Air Force Base in Sicily and will operate in the interests of all 30 allies of the Alliance.

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