Ukrainian Cabinet develops several scenarios to assist business and labor workers amid quarantine

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The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture is developing a series of programs to help agribusiness to reduce the impact of quarantine and stimulate the development of the agricultural sector, the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club Association (UCAB) said following an online meeting with Minister Ihor Petrashko.

“The Ukrainian authorities are developed support program for small and medium-sized businesses amid quarantine by partial compensation of the interest on loans. In connection with the return of 1.5-2 million Ukrainians labor workers from abroad, as well as a possible increase in the number of unemployed, the Government is being developed an employment program for these categories of people,” the UCAB noted.

In addition, Ukraine will not limit the export of goods, but will monitor food security. Also, the work of agricultural enterprises will not be limited due to quarantine.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal during a virtual meeting with representatives of the European Business Association (EBA) said that the Cabinet of Ministers systematically works to overcome the effects of the economic crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus, and also developed several exit strategies.

“Today, no one in the world is able to give précised forecast. Together with the business community, we are developing a strategy for overcoming the consequences and overcoming this crisis. We have several scenarios. But it’s too early to speak about them specifically,” the head of government said.

He also added that Ukraine has a very powerful personnel resource, since many Ukrainians who worked abroad returned to their homeland.

“The government is working on a to create quick jobs in various industries. Hundreds of thousands high-quality skilled workers have returned to Ukraine. Their work experience and corporate culture are a good resource for warming up the economy and the business should attract them,” the prime minister emphasized.

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