Visa-free travel rules to change for Ukrainians from 2021

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The mission of Ukraine to the European Union explained the changes in the terms and conditions of visa-free travel for citizens of Ukraine to the countries of the European Union since 2021.

Thus, the diplomatic institution decided to clarify all the details about the changes for Ukrainians in the conditions of visa-free travel to the EU from next year.

From 2021 the EU introduces the European Travel Authorization Information System (ETIAS), which means making changes to the conditions of visa-free travel to the EU for third-country nationals (that is, from 2021 these changes will affect not only Ukraine, but also, for example, citizens of Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, Canada, USA and Japan).

“Since 2021, before traveling to EU Member States, citizens of Ukraine will need to obtain prior permission by submitting an online application. Issuing travel authorization will take several minutes if there are no comments from EU law enforcement agencies or items requiring further study. For each application, the applicant will have to pay EUR 7 of commission (for persons under the age of 18 and over 70 years old – free of charge). Authorization will be valid for 3 years or until the expiration of the validity of the travel document registered upon application,” Ukrainian diplomats said.

However, the European Travel Authorization Information System is not equal to the visa system. It is simple permission to travel. In addition, in case of denial of entry through ETIAS, a person has the right to appeal the decision of the system.

Thus, pre-authorization will allow the European Union to identify in advance individuals who may pose a migration / security threat and will significantly increase the security of the external borders of the EU. The new system will also significantly reduce the number of refusals to enter the EU directly at the border, because travelers will know in advance if the EU member states have warnings about their trip, the Mission emphasized.

“Therefore, with prior authorization through ETIAS and other standard requirements for a visa-free regime with the EU, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of visa-free travel to the EU,” Ukrainian diplomats added.

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