Accounts Chamber: 2019 state budget non-fulfilled by almost UAH 38 bln

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The Accounting Chamber, citing the government’s report analysis for 2019, reports that the state budget of Ukraine non-fulfilled by almost UAH 38 billion over the past year which is the highest since 2015.

This non-fulfillment was recorded despite a reduction of planned revenues of the state budget by UAH 20 billion in Q4.

Part of the revenue from the state budget was partially filled due to advance taxes paid, the amount of which increased by UAH 9.4 billion in December 2019.

At the same time, the state budget deficit was held within the planned limits due to incomplete financing of the planned expenses and the provision of loans.

The Accounts Chamber does not agree with the government’s statements about reducing taxpayer expenses on debt servicing, as these expenses in 2019 increased by UAH 3.8 billion, or 3.3% compared to 2018.

According to the head of the Accounts Chamber Valeriy Patskan, the poor quality of the macroeconomic forecast is the main reason for the failure to fulfill the state budget.

Nefedov: Сustoms service transfers about UAH 1 bln to state budget daily.

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