Axios: Zelensky assures he would not allow foreign investors to buy Motor Sich shares

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Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave an interview to the American media outlet Axios.

The journalist asked what Zelensky thinks about the emerging anti-Chinese consensus in the United States and the thesis that China is “the number one geopolitical threat.” “I cannot agree with that, because in Ukraine we do not feel it,” the Ukrainian president replied. At the same time, he sees “a some sort of ongoing cold war” between China and the United States.

“We know that US business is represented in Ukraine, but at the same time it is true that Chinese business is also represented,” Zelensky recalled. “I believe that regardless of nation, nationality, if people, if business, if a certain country treats you with respect, respecting your people and borders, they can be present in your country,” the president said and added that he would not allow China or anyone else to buy a controlling stake in Motor Sich.

Zelensky noted that he wants aid from the United States, led by Joseph Biden, in the confrontation with Russia and assistance in Ukraine’s movement to NATO.

He wished Biden “success with all the challenges facing him.” He expressed the wish that Ukraine and the United States “enter a new stage and take a new path.”

He is confident that if Ukraine were a NATO member, then there would be no escalation in the east of the country, in Donbas.

During a conversation with a journalist, the president admitted that Ukraine is not a priority country that have received a vaccine against coronavirus.

They also touched on the topic of Zelensky’s conversation with Trump, after which impeachment proceedings began against the US president. Also, during a conversation with a journalist, the President of Ukraine admitted that he was “a little angry” with former US President Donald Trump.

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