Biden promises to provide lethal weapon to Ukraine if he wins elections

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has said he will help to provide lethal weapon to Ukraine if he wins the election.

He stated this on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Biden noted that as American leader he will make it clear to Russia that it must end her aggression toward and occupation of Ukraine:

“As President, I will make it clear to the Kremlin that it must end its aggression and occupation of Ukraine. The Biden-Harris administration will ensure that Ukraine receives all the necessary economic and military support, including lethal weapons, while urging Ukraine to pursue the essential reforms that are vital to its success. Together, we will work toward the celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day as a peaceful, whole, sovereign, democratic and prosperous country.”

Biden also praised Ukraine for striving to be on a par with democratic countries and to protect itself from Russian aggression:

“As a Senator and Vice President, I strongly supported Ukraine’s ongoing aspiration to become a modern, democratic European state, in which all citizens can live in peace and prosperity.”

He recalled that he personally saw the progress Ukraine has made over the course of his “six visits to Ukraine as Vice President.”

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