Darnytska Square reconstruction is planned in Kyiv in 2019

Photo from open sources

This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Dmytro Davtian.

“We are preparing for the complete reconstruction of the Darnytska Square. By 2020 the roadway will be covered with high-strength macadam-mastic asphalt concrete. This coating is characterized by a high content of crushed stone of dense rocks, which forms a stone skeleton not amenable to deformations”, the official said.

It is noted that the sidewalks will be replaced by the SPE-coating (shaped paving elements), pedestrian crossings will be updated and modern LED-lighting will be installed.

According to the KCSA deputy head, “the warranty period for the new carriageway will be 5 years, and the balance between the road quality and the roadwork сost will be monitored by the CoST international initiative”.

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