DPR supporters recruited and prepared children to Donbas terrorist groups

Photo by PGO

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine reported suspicion to two persons who recruited and prepared children for military operations in the occupied Donbas.

The perpetrators set up the so-called military-patriotic clubs for childrens “Spartantsy” and “Amazonki”, as well as the public military-patriotic movement “Molodaya Gvardiya”, the Prosecutor General said.

“It has been established that these individuals are active participants and supporters of the DPR terrorist organization, are adepts of the “Russian world” concept, also promoting the idea of Donetsk region seceding from Ukraine,” the report said.

“The main tasks of said associations include the recruitment and involvement of minors in participating in the unlawful activities of the ‘DPR’ terrorist groups under the guise of military-patriotic training and performing at various military sports events,” the statement said.

Making a decision to impose on the children ideologically-charged propaganda, they have been recruiting local children aged 5 to 18 years for future participation in hostilities against Joint Forces and other terrorist activity, through conducting ammo and explosive handling training sessions and obliging the children to wear military uniforms.

Pre-trial investigation is ongoing: measures are being taken to search for and detain both suspects.

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