First coronavirus case recorded in Ukrainian Armed Forces

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The first coronavirus case has been reported in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), according to the press service of the medical forces command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The doctor at Khmelnytskiy Military Hospital, had been undergoing outpatient treatment for an acute respiratory illness since late March turned out to be ill with Covid 19. On April 1, after her health condition worsened, she was hospitalized in the Khmelnytskiy Infectious Disease Hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia.

The PCR test diagnosed an acute respiratory disease, illness caused by COVID-19.

Now the patient is receiving treatment according to the protocols of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, her health condition is satisfactory.

“The hospital has defined a circle of contact persons (10 military personnel) who are scheduled to conduct laboratory PCR testing on April 2. All contact persons were examined and placed in isolation; disinfection was carried out in the patient’s places of stay,” the message says.

It is also noted that 140 soldiers were placed in isolation (including self-isolation).

As The Journalist reported, Number of coronavirus cases increased by more than 77,000 people.

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