Georgia recalls its ambassador from Ukraine due to Saakashvili’s appointment

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Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani said that Georgia is recalling its ambassador in Kyiv for consultations in connection with the appointment of ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili to the post of head of the Executive Committee of Reforms, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“This is routine practice in diplomatic relations that indicates the emergency of certain problems in bilateral relations. Therefore, consultations with the ambassador are needed to determine future steps,” the minister emphasized.

According to Zalkaliani, despite this decision made by Ukrainian side, “Georgia is not considering breaking off diplomatic relations or reviewing its strategic partnership.”

In his turn, the ex-head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Saakashvili said that his appointment as head of the Executive Committee of Reform is evidence of the willingness of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to take extraordinary steps, despite the efforts of many discouraged him to do this.

“Therefore, the president is very determined on radical reforms and changes. I really liked his attitude, because the very fact of my appointment shows that he is ready to take extraordinary steps, against which a huge number of people dissuaded him. Basically, he was dissuaded by those who want to maintain the status quo in Ukraine, and the status quo is a swamp,” Saakashvili is convinced.

The ex-president of Georgia, assured of his readiness to help Zelensky as much as possible, taking into account his experience, successes and failures, because “Ukraine needs to be pulled out of the swamp.”

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