The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning Israel for Gaza violence


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The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the protection of Palestinians from violence on the Gaza border. Discussion lasted for 2.5 hours before the majority voted for the draft submitted by Algeria, Turkey and Palestine.

At the same time, the US delegation submitted an amendment to the text, but it did not get the necessary 2/3 votes. The American ambassador stated that the authors of the resolution unfairly blame violence on Israel and the Israeli military.

US Permanent Representative Nikki R. Haley accused the authors of the resolution of being one-sided, – the UN News Center reported.

«To be honest, we have to admit there are no perfect actors on either side, – Haley said. – this is not an option to blame only one side».

The assembly adopted a resolution with 120 votes in favour, including almost all post-Soviet countries. The United States, Israel, Australia, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Solomon Islands and Togo votes against. Several delegations abstained, including the overwhelming number of member countries of the European Union.

As «The Journalist» reported, the Israeli Air Force struck five targets of terrorists in the Gaza Strip, in response to the night shelling of Hamas.

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