Hydrogeologist: Crimean Bridge hurts environment and should be dismantled

Photo: Reuters

Hydrogeologist Yurii Medovar said that the Crimean Bridge should be dismantled. Obozrevatel reports about it.

According to him, this bridge “causes the landing of the Kerch Strait level” and “is turning it into a swamp.”

The scientist noted that during the construction some dams were made which had blocked the flow resulting in disturbed water exchange between the Black and Azov seas.

“This bridge must be disassembled to hell”, Medovar stressed.

According to the hydrogeologist, nobody needs this bridge, and its construction has become a “colossal mistake”.

Earlier, The Journalist reported that Klitschko believed the Podil’s’ko-Voskresens’kyi Bridge to be the largest arched bridge in Europe.

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