Iran released preliminary report on UIA Boeing 737 crash

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The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization has published a preliminary report on the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) Boeing 737 plane crash.

The report noted that the Boeing 737 caught fire due to technical problems and crashed near Tehran’s international airport shortly after take-off.

According to Reuters, the plane caught fire when it was in the mid-air, the pilots tried to return to the nearest airport, but the plane crashed.

The Civil Aviation Organization indicates the testimony of witnesses who saw the plane was burning at high altitude.

The report also indicates that the three-year-old Boeing, which last performed scheduled maintenance on January 6, encountered a technical problem shortly after takeoff.

A technical problem was not indicated in the report. However, the Canadian security source said that there is evidence that one of the engines of the aircraft has overheated.

As The Journalist reported, State Aviation Service to inspect airline safety in Ukraine.

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