KCSA seeks to repair, increase capacity of Paton Bridge until 2025

Open source/Paton Bridge

The KCSA has ensured that after the Paton Bridge will be renovated, its capacity will increase thus creating the proper conditions for vehicles and pedestrians traffic.

The restoration works should be carried out by December 31, 2025. The municipal corporation “Kyivavtodor” was determined as customer of the works and was entrusted to get initial data for design, determine the general design and construction contractors, ensure the development of project documentation, its examination and approval as well as to take care of compliance with the requirements of the legislation regarding the procedure for carrying out construction work and legislation on environmental impact assessment.

The Paton Bridge was commissioned in 1953. The bridge was reconstructed only once, in 2004, when the tram tracks were dismantled from the bridge.

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