Klimkin replied to Zelensky regarding note to Russian Federation

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The Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin responded to the President Volodymyr Zelensky, who publicly voiced his outrage at the fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) sent a response to a Russian note about sailors’ prisoners of war.

According to Klimkin, the Russian note is a primitive trap, and the Ukrainian response exposes the motives of the Russian Federation.

“Russia does not hide its unwillingness to carry out the decision of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. Instead, Russian Federation:

a) requires us to recognize that our sailors could commit a crime,

b) inclines us to recognize the legality of their trial under the Russian law,

c) invites us to bend before the criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation, and, simultaneously, indirectly recognize the occupation of the Crimea”, wrote Klimkin.

At the same time, the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the office of the president, “obviously fell into” the Kremlin’s trap.

“To fulfill these requirements means to discredit the sailors, who for 6 months insisted with dignity in the Russian court that Russia had no right to judge them. And then to hope with humidity for the Russian court, the most humane in the world, to definitely return them to us”, Klimkin said.

The Minister recalls that the decision of the International Tribunal is unequivocal: the Russian Federation is obliged to release the sailors and ships.

Earlier, The Journalist reported that Groisman had offered Zelensky to send Klimkin on vacation.

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