Klitschko to present new general plan for Kyiv at NSC Olympic on Dec 16

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Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko will present on December 16 an updated draft of a new general plan for the capital for the coming years, the Kyiv City State Administration said.

The project, which has been developed since 2009, will be presented at the NSC Olimpiysky within the framework of the “The Future of Kyiv” international forum.

“The forum will start the process of acquainting the capital’s public with the draft of the general urban planning document for the city, which should become a platform for innovative solutions and contribute to the successful implementation of the development strategy of the city of Kyiv,” Klitschko said.

Public hearings on the updated draft general plan for the capital will begin in early 2020. Citizens of Kyiv will submit new proposals to the project, which will be considered and taken into account in line with the law.

Qualified experts, famous architects, urbanists, scientists are invited to participate in the forum.

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