Kuleba, Czaputowich and Linkevičius agree on new format of cooperation

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The Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania Dmytro Kuleba, Jacek Czaputowich and Linas Linkevičius have agreed on the new format of interstate cooperation – the Lublin Triangle. The new tripartite format is based on the traditions and historical ties of the three countries, whose roots go back to many centuries. It is an important mechanism for strengthening Central Europe and promoting Ukraine’s European and Euroatlantic integration, The Journalist reports with reference to the press center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

The corresponding joint declaration was adopted by the ministers on July 28 in Lublin, Poland.

“The Lublin Triangle underlines the important role that Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania play in Central Europe and the world. Our unity is able not only to strengthen our countries but also to effectively counter common threats, guarantee the security and prosperity of our region. Ukraine is not only trying to join the existing formats of interaction. Ukraine has enough strength and authority to create new effective formats with partners,” Kuleba said.

The participants in the format agreed to coordinate actions to protect international law in the context of the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine, both in tripartite coordination and in international organizations: NATO, the UN, the EU, the Council of Europe and the OSCE.

The development of trade, investment and infrastructure projects will be one of the important blocks of cooperation within the Lublin Triangle.

Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania have declared that they do not recognize the illegal occupation of Crimea by Russia and under no circumstances will they recognize it in the future. They called on Russia to withdraw its troops from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, including certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The countries of the Lublin Triangle support the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within the internationally recognized borders and call for an end to the Russian aggression against our state. They also support granting Ukraine the status of NATO’s Enhanced Opportunities Partner and state that granting Ukraine a NATO membership action plan is the next necessary step in this direction.

“The alliance of our three countries is not only rooted in antiquity. Our interaction has the dimension of the Parliamentary Assembly Poland-Lithuania-Ukraine, as well as a joint military unit, the Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade. The Lublin Triangle is based on this historical, parliamentary and secure foundation,” Kuleba said.

The Lublin Triangle underlines the importance of intensifying the cooperation between the European Union, the North Atlantic Alliance and the Eastern Partnership and pays special attention to the development of the Three Seas Initiative. The countries of the format support Ukraine’s cooperation with Three Seas and other regional cooperation formats.

To implement these goals, the ministers of the three countries create a platform for political, economic, social interaction between the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine – the Lublin Triangle. It provides, in particular, for regular meetings, including multilateral formats meetings with the involvement of selected partners, as well as high-level consultations between the Foreign Ministries of the three countries.

The Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania also coordinated further actions and discussed future meetings in the Lublin Triangle format.

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