More than 40 houses flooded in Kirovohgrad and Vinnytsia oblasts due to bad weather

Photo by State Emergency Service of Ukraine

More than 40 residential houses, as well as homestead plots and basements in Kirovohrad and Vinnytsia oblasts have been flooded due to a sharp change in the weather, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported.

It is noted that 6,792 cubic meters of water was pumped out during the day. Six units of equipment, 8 motor-pumps and 40 people were involved in the rescue works, of which three units of equipment, 5 motor-pumps and 33 employee were involved from the State Emergencies Service.

“As a result of intense precipitation on June 5, 20 dwellings and 48 household plots in the city of Haivoron, Kirovohrad Oblast, were flooded. At least 20 houses with homesteads remain flooded as of 7 am. The water level gradually decreases,” the statement said.

The operative group of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kirovohrad Oblast works at the site.

The basements in 11 households in the village of Martynivka, Vinnytsia Oblast, as well as 10 households in the village of Stavky, remain flooded. According to the ministry, the water level gradually decreases. Also, during the day were six trips to pump the water: 2,263 m3 of water were pumped out in total. The State Emergency Service involved 25 employees, 6 vehicles and 7 motor pumps.

As The Journalist reported, five areas in Rivne Oblast were flooded due to bad weather.

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