MP who sang about murder of Jews explained it was ‘folklore’ song


As The Journalist previously reported, People’s Deputy from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Renat Kuzmin has accused the deputy of the Ternopil Regional Council Bohdan Yatsikovsky of performing the song “A Jew before being hanged” while speaking in public. This song insults national honor and the dignity of Russians and Jews.

After MP Kuzmin’s reaction to the “creativity” of the deputy of the Ternopil regional council, Yatsikovsky itself said that “he is forced to react harshly to the provocation launched against him in recent days by Kremlin agents and their henchmen.”

“Satrap of Yanukovych, pro-Kremlin People’s Deputy Renat Kuzmin accuses me of anti-Semitism and calls for murder. This is a mean lie! It is based on a video taken out of context and appropriately edited,” the deputy assures.

According to Yatsikovsky, during the celebration of the Apple Spas in Hnezdychny, Zbarazhchina, where he was present at the invitation of residents, he heard a folklore version of the famous Ukrainian song, which is often sung by many Ukrainians in the region.

“This folklore, folk song and, accordingly, folk art, is not intended to offend one nation. At the same time, everyone who condemns this folklore singing should also condemn and demand a ban on the Christmas nativity, the poems written by Shevchenko and Franko! I am absolutely normal and adequate to all nationalities, including Jewish, whose representatives live and work in Ukraine and do not infringe on the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians! I deeply respect the Jewish people, which suffered no less trials than Ukrainians, and therefore I condemn anti-Semitism in all its manifestations. Moreover, the natives of our Ukraine, known to the whole world, Vladimir Zhabotinsky and Golda Meir are for me an example of statesmen and national figures who defended and fought for the rights of their people and state,” Yatsikovsky said.

Yatsikovsky notes that it is Kuzmin who “distorts” words and incites ethnic hatred.

“It is he who causes the tide of anti-Semitism and, most importantly, the anti-Ukrainian tide, trying to get the pre-election hype in the region, where neither he nor his pro-Moscow party had and will not have any chances,” says the deputy of the Ternopil Regional Council.

Yatsikovsky also said that he was preparing “a statement to the law enforcement agencies on a crime committed by Renat Kuzmin, who, in order to satisfy his own political ambitions, inflates interethnic enmity in the Ternopil region.”

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