People gathered under Shevchenko University protesting against holding Servants of the People party conference in university


A protest “Education without politics” is taking place in the Kyiv downtown near the Taras Shevchenko University after the party Servants of the People conference was held on the territory of the university on September 20, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Several dozen people are holding posters with the inscriptions: “Education without politics”, “Red is the color of shame”, “University is not a place for meetings of political parties”, “No ‘green’ at University”, ” Shevchenko University is not green”, “Rule of law?”, “Students will not be silent.”

Demonstrators condemn the actions of the Shevchenko University administration and say that the permission to hold political events on the territory of the university violates the law “On higher education” and the charter of the university.

“The participants demand to remove the rector of the university Leonid Hubersky from his post for the period of an independent investigation, to which they demand to involve representatives of the student body,” the message reads.

The protesters also call on the Ministry of Education to respond to the violations that occurred on the university grounds.

On September 20, within the framework of the city party conference of the Servant of the People party, the presentation of candidates to the Kyiv City Council was held, which took place in the courtyard of the Shevchenko University.

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