Poland considering to upgrade own MiG-29 fleet in Ukraine

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The Ministry of National Defense of Poland is planning to start along with Ukraine joint modernization works to upgrade MiG-29 fighter jets aircraft, which will be carried out at the capacities of Lviv Aviation Repair Plant, the Defense Industrial Courier information agency reported.

The cost of such an upgrade for each fighter stands at about USD 1 million. However, the Defense Ministry is convinced that such a state of affairs is quite beneficial for Poland, which is trying to significantly strengthen its abilities to protect its airspace.

Today, the primary fighter of the Polish Air Force are 48 pieces of the F-16 fighter jets (US-made), as well as 32 MiG-29 fighter jets and 18 Su-22M4 fighter jets (combatant value 21 and 12 pieces respectively). The vast majority of Polish MiG-29s were transferred to Warsaw from the Bundeswehr, where they had been operating since the early 1990s. Prior to that they have been in service with the People’s Army of the GDR, so it’s small wonder that a number of Polish MiG-29s have been lost recently due to numerous accidents related to the poor technical condition of the aircraft.

As The Journalist reported, Poland plans to purchase modern military equipment, refuse post-Soviet MiG and Su aircraft.

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