Prystaiko: Illegal formations will not participate in local elections in Donbas

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Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadym Prystaiko has said that illegal armed groups in Donbas will not be able to take part in local elections.

This was stated by the Foreign Minister in an interview with the Bild newspaper, which is published on the website of the diplomatic department.

The minister stated that “no illegal armed groups can take part in local elections.”

“Ideally, these elections should be held in parallel with the local elections in Ukraine in fall. I constantly have to remind that these will not be national, but local elections. Therefore, no illegal armed groups in the east of Ukraine can take part in them. Here we are talking about much smaller administrative regions on both sides of the front and throughout Ukraine,” Prystaiko said.

“We are not naive and we know very well who will be running for election on the other side of the frontline. But people would at least have a sense of the democratic process that is taking place simultaneously in the occupied territories and in free territories, and this would be an ideal opportunity for Russia to withdraw troops from our east territories,” the Foreign Minister is convinced.

As The Journalist reported, Prystaiko states that Minsk group parties agreed on one group for prisoners to be exchanged.

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