Swedish company buys Ukrainian game dev for USD 36M

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The Swedish Embracer Group company has purchased the Ukrainian 4A Games studio – a Metro games developer – for USD 36 million, ain.ua reports.

The Embracer Group had announced it would buy a number of game studios, including a 100% stake in the famous 4A Games – Ukrainian game development studio.

The deal amounted to USD 36 million in cash and shares.

According to the publication, Embracer Group acquired 4A Games through its subsidiary Saber Interactive. Now, 4A Games has about 150 employees in two studios located in Malta and Kyiv.

“After the deal, 4A Games will continue to work on the Metro franchise (multiplayer version). The studio also announced that they are ready to release more AAA games in the near future,” the newspaper writes.

In addition to 4A Games, the group acquired a number of other game studios, including DECA Games, Pow Wow Entertainment, Sola Media, Rare Earth Games, Vermila Studios, New World Interactive and Palindrome Interactive.

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