Trump: China is on a disinformation campaign to help Biden win elections

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U.S. President Donald Trump once again accused China of distributing COVID-19 around the world, and also claims that the People’s Republic of China is supporting his rival – former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden – in the upcoming presidential election.

“China is on a massive disinformation campaign because they are desperate to have sleepy Joe Biden win the presidential race so they can continue to rip-off the United States, as they have done for decades, until I came!” Trump tweeted.

Trump also called Chinese “disinformation and propaganda attack” against the United States and Europe a shame, as well as an attempt to divert public attention from COVID-19.

“It all comes from the top. They could have easily stopped the plague, but they didn’t!” the U.S. president emphasize.

As The Journalist reported, Trump insulted Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her comments over coronavirus medicines he takes.

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