U.S. extends sanctions against Russia because of annexation of Crimea and activity in Donbas

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The U.S. Treasury has expanded the sanctions list against individuals and companies imposed because of occupation of Crimea by the aggressor country and the ongoing aggression against Ukraine in Donbas. This was reported on the U.S. Treasury website.

Sanctions were introduced against seven members of the occupation administration in Crimea: Yuri Gotsanyuk (“Prime Minister of Crimea”), Mikhail Razvozhaev (“Acting Governor of Sevastopol”), Vladimir Nemtsev (“Chairman of the Legislative Assembly”), Sergey Danilenko (“Chairman of the Sevastopol Election Commission”), Lydia Basova (“Deputy Chairperson of the Sevastopol Election Commission”), Ekaterina Pyrkova (“Secretary of the Sevastopol Election Commission”),Ekaterina Altabaeva (“Member of the Council of the Federation of the Russian Federation from Sevastopol”).

Also, U.S. impose sanctions against the Russian Grand Service Express company and its CEO Alexander Ganov.

Any transactions with companies or persons under sanctions or transactions with them are prohibited in the United States territory.

As The Journalist reported, Deputy Prime Minister Kuleba sees no prerequisites for lifting sanctions against ex-officials of Yanukovych time.

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