Ukraine decides to expel Russian propagandist Margarita Bondar

Photo by SBU

The Ukrainian State Migration Service has decided to forcibly deport Russian journalist Margarita Bondar from this country, the SBU press service said.

“For violating the migration legislation the State Migration Service decided to forcibly expel Margarita Bondar from Ukraine before March 31 this year with a three-year ban on travel to this country,” the statement said.

During 2018, Bondar, on the order of the Russian propagandistic publication (part of the Kremlin mouthpiece Dmitry Kiselyov), systematically spread fake and provocative materials about violations of the rights of ethnic minorities by members of domestic nationalistic organizations and the alleged negligence of the Ukrainian law enforcement system.

The SBU added that, according to an expert opinion of specialists from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the content of these publications promotes the instigation of interethnic strife and the destabilization of the public and political situation.

As The Journalist reported, an Austrian journalist who was denied entry to Ukraine, sued the SBU.

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