Ukraine paid USD 2.1 bn of debts over day

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The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on September 1 repaid the second series of Eurobonds issued during the restructuring in 2015 with a maturity of USD 1.69 billion this year and paid out USD 400 million of interest payments. This was reported by the press center of the Ministry of Finance.

Domestic government loan bonds maturing in 2020 with a total nominal value of USD 1.78 billion were issued in 2015-2016 at a yield of 7.75%. In 2017, the Ministry of Finance bought back USD 0.42 billion, however, in August 2020, it placed them additionally by USD 0.33 billion to complete settlements for the repurchase of GDP securities on the open-market.

By the end of the year, the balance of foreign currency payments on the state debt reached about USD 1.6 billion.

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