Ukraine’s MFA: Occupiers in Crimea lack of water to develop military facilities

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Under the pretext of “humanitarian necessity”, the Russian occupation authorities in Crimea in fact do not have enough water to accelerate the development of military facilities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reports.

The Foreign Ministry said that such actions by the occupying state are a war crime. Ukraine also responded to Russia’s accusations of human rights violations.

“Any allegations of alleged violation of international law by Ukraine in connection with the halt in the water supply are null from the point of view of international law and, obviously, are intended to ‘appoint the culprit’ for the costs incurred by the Russian Federation for the seventh year as a result of its illegal occupation of Crimea and large-scale militarization of the peninsula, paid for by Russian taxpayers,” the statement reads.

President’s Office position will not change: Water cannot be supplied to Crimea before its de-occupation.

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