Ukraine’s Parliament to install touch buttons to prevent “button-pushing” – Parubii

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In the near future, a special “touch buttons” will be installed in the Verkhovna Rada, which will prevent MPs to vote instead of their colleagues.

The Parliament Speaker Andrii Parubii said this in an interview with Channel 5, answering the question when the Ukrainian parliament will get rid of the “button pushing” problem.

The speaker of the parliament stressed that this had not been done yet because of the special parliamentary elections scheduled for July 21, but the Verkhovna Rada Office has already been instructed to resolve all technical issues in order to install at least the touch button.

“And I hope that the Staff will find all the necessary mechanisms, in the period between July 11 and the first meeting of the new convocation, when there will be no session, in order to conduct re-equipment in the session hall,” Parubii said.

The Chairman of the Parliament expressed his hope that “the touch button and the personal voting will be introduced until the end of this cadence,” and added that he would issue an appropriate order.

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