US seek to restore UN Sanctions against Iran

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U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo will visit the UN headquarters in New York to notify the Security Council of Washington’s decision to begin the process of restoring sanctions against Iran.

According to a statement by the State Department issued the day before, sanctions will be restored within 30 days after.

“Secretary of State Pompeo will travel to New York city on August 20-21 to notify the UN Security Council that the United States will initiate the process to restore UN sanctions against Iran. Thirty days after notification, a range of UN sanctions will be reinstated, including the requirement that Iran suspend all uranium enrichment activities. This will also extend the 13-year arms embargo on,” the statement reads.

The State Department noted that Washington’s notification is a consequence of the fact that the American draft resolution on the extension of the arms embargo against Iran on August 14 did not receive the required number of votes in the UN Security Council: most countries abstained from voting, Russia and China opposed.

As part of his trip, Pompeo also intends to meet with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to “discuss Iran and other issues of shared concern.”

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