Veterans Dozen Foundation was presented in Kyiv (PHOTO)

photo: Yaroslava Matvieienko

On March 6 in Veteran hub the presentation of Veterans Dozen Foundation took place.

“We created this fund first of all for seriously wounded soldiers who are in a difficult, depressed state. It’s goal is to take a person out of a black hole, give him a push, and then, in order for him to go by himself, to actually save his life. This is not for those who are already engaged in something and have a goal. For those who are strong from the inside, but don’t know about it yet,” said Volodymyr Gavrylov, director of the foundation.

Veterans Dozen Foundation apart from encouraging and supporting seriously wounded warriors in international sports events for veterans and initiating assistance in organizing similar sports projects for Ukrainian and foreign veterans in Ukraine will assist in sports prosthetics and rehabilitation of ATO veterans’ family.

“Every sports competition and projects change a lot in person inside as well as outside. The most important thing is our brain. If we expand our borders, we prove first of all to ourselves that we can do more than we thought, and there is no limit for this, then the health of the body is transferred to life,” said veteran Serhii Romanovskiy.

“For me, participation in US Marine Corps Marathon has become a powerful driving force for my future introduction of social life, for psychological and sports rehabilitation. The impressions I received from communicating with other military men broadened my horizons. Every wounded military man needs to feel this himself personally, and not just hear about it. All the goals that I set, I achieve them. It was this kind of rehabilitation that helped me to drop doubts forever and just go towards the goal. This is a big victory for me,” recalls veteran Dmytro Fesenko.

“For a person who in his past was a bit engaged in sports, after being wounded, it was important for me to understand where my extreme up line is, where the limit, the one I can reach in this condition is. Sometimes it seemed that it is over and all I need is rest. But inside you want to set a goal and achieve it. The project that is being created today is for the guys who need this goal, motivation. I want them to also see the light at the end of the tunnel, so that they know that no one is throwing them, and there are people next to them who are ready to support them, ”said veteran Yurii Pysarchuk, one of the founders of Veterans dozen foundation.

In the near future fund plans to support the participation of Ukrainian veterans in such projects as: “The Cateran Yomp” (to be held on June 8–9 in Scotland), “US Marine Corps Marathon” (to be held on October 27 in Washington); sports rehabilitation:  10 km race “Veterans Dozen” on May 18 in Khmelnitskiy and on October 13 in Kyiv. In addition, it is possible that our veterans in September will take part in a new march in Appalachian Mountains, in the eastern United States, for 100 km.

Text and photo: Yaroslava Matvieienko

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