Verkhovna Rada passes law on intelligence

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted the bill No. 2412-d on intelligence in the second reading. Prior to that, the MPs sent the document for repeated second reading.

Some 258 people’s deputies voted for the document.

To the bill, the Security Service of Ukraine was excluded from the list of intelligence agencies, but was identified as a subject of the intelligence community. The operational subdivisions of the Central Directorate of the SBU carrying out counterintelligence activities can carry out intelligence activities in order to obtain information in the interests of counterintelligence.

The intelligence agencies are:

Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine;

intelligence agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;

intelligence agency of the State Border Service.

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, within its competence, may involve other entities of the intelligence community, in particular the SBU, in the performance of intelligence tasks.

The general leadership of the intelligence agencies is carried out by the head of state.

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