World’s largest aircraft Stratolaunch lifts off for the first time (PHOTOS)

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The world’s largest aeroplane by wingspan has successfully completed its first test flight on April 13.

A massive plane with a wingspan of more than assize of football field flew from the airfield in the Mojave Desert (California) and made a 2.5 hours long test flight.

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The plane reached a maximum speed of 304 km per hour and flew up to 5,182 meters, DW informs.

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The giant air jet was developed by the American space company Stratolaunch Systems.

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Stratolaunch is a twin-fuselage, 117 meters wide plane; it weighs 220 tons, has 28 wheels and equipped with six Boeing 747 engines.

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The aircraft is intended to become a mobile platform for launching satellites into space. It will also [potentially] be able to launch passenger shuttles into space in the future.

As The Journalist reported, Israel is going to send a new spacecraft to the moon.

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