Zelensky downsized State Management of Affairs staffing level

Photo/President's Office

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has downsized State Administration of Affairs staffing level by almost 5%. This is stated in decree No.895/2019 published on the President’s Office website.

“To establish the number of employees of the State Management of Affairs in the amount of 155 people,” the document says.

This cancels Article 1 of presidential decree No.288 dated April 26, 2012 on “Issues of State Management of Affairs”, which established number of officials in the amount of 165 people.

The State Management of Affairs is a state body engaged in material, technical, domestic and other support for the activities of the president, government, parliament, the National Security and Defense Council and other top state bodies. The office is located on Bankova street, next to the President’s Office.

As The Journalist reported, Ukrainian Cabinet adopts series of personnel decisions.

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