Zelensky promises to “safe every penny” invested in Ukraine

Photo/President's Office

At a meeting with President of Ukraine, held on the eve of February 13, representatives of business associations drew Volodymyr Zelensky’s attention to important problems that impede effective work and business development.

Anna Derevianko, the Executive Director of the European Business Association (EBA), drew attention to the need to counter the shadow economy.

“We are talking about the long overdue need to reform the judicial and law enforcement systems, ensuring equal rules of the game in the country, combating smuggling and falsification, protecting intellectual property rights by introducing the national principle of exhaustion of rights and the like,” Derevianko said.

To the Executive Director, it is important to bring Ukrainian legislation in line with EU standards, adopt modern labor legislation, introduce a land market, as well as a reasonable tax burden.

Derevianko also appealed to the President on simplifying tax administration, timely VAT refunds and reducing the burden on the payroll fund.

The EBA considers the promotion of innovation and the introduction of new technologies, as well as stimulating the investment attractiveness of Ukraine as a whole and the regions in particular, among the factors of the future development of the domestic economy.

In his turn, Zelensky assured that he would safe for every penny invested in Ukraine.

“Our team – and me personally – are ready to fight for each of you, for every penny that you invest in Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

According to the President, now Ukraine has a great potential for development and growth, since there are still many reforms ahead, in particular, the judicial one. However, until it is completed, the state is ready to defend investors.

“Why do we come up with investment programs? In order for you to feel safe in Ukraine now, so that your business is protected,” the Head of State emphasized.

Zelensky also said that he and his political team are open to cooperation with business and to all suggestions, in particular, regarding legislative changes that will improve the business climate and will be aimed at growing the economy and welfare of citizens.

Zelensky: Partnership between science, government and business will help our scientists to fulfil themselves in Ukraine.

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