Zelensky: Salaries of officials and judges will be minimized, payments to doctors will be increased

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has said that the changes to the state budget provide for a maximum reduction in the salaries of officials, judges, members of supervisory boards and management of state enterprises, but payments to doctors who work with patients infected with coronavirus will be increased.

“I would like to pay special attention to the changes to the State Budget of Ukraine. Earlier, the first draft amendments proposed by the Ministry of Finance were made public and were rightly criticized by society. Currently, due to the joint work of the Government, the Office of the President and the Parliament, it has been substantially revised,” the head of state said.

Zelensky also spoke about several key changes to the budget.

“Salaries of officials and judges, as well as members of supervisory boards and management of state-owned enterprises will be minimized. No hryvnia will be taken from expenditures on the army and defense of Ukraine,” the President emphasized.

In addition, payments to doctors who counteract coronavirus will be increased.

“Today, Ukrainian doctors courageously fight for the lives and health of Ukrainians. And so their salaries should be equal to those of fighters on the frontline,” the head of state said.

It is important that the development costs remain. “They are a necessary driver for our economy, which can’t be depleted.”

“To the extent possible, the government has saved education, sports and culture expenditures. Yes, not everything could be saved. But it is a temporary saving, only for the time of quarantine. Once the quarantine is completed, the expenditures of each industry will be restored,” Zelensky said.

It is proposed to create a clear and transparent stabilization fund. It will be used to support doctors, teachers, retirees, workers dismissed due to the quarantine, and help Ukrainian businesses.

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