Zelensky: Ukraine is not ready for dialogue with separatists but ready to implement Minsk agreements

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Ukraine was not ready to negotiate with the militants, but would continue work in the Minsk format.

Zelensky said this in Paris at a press conference with the French President Emmanuel Macron.

“We are not ready for a dialogue with the separatists. We are ready to act in the Minsk format. We are ready to continue relations in the Minsk format,” the head of the Ukrainian state said.

Zelensky also said that Ukraine was ready for ceasefire in Donbas.

In his turn, the French president supports Zelensky’s steps to enter ceasefire in Donbas. Macron stressed that the conflict in Donbas, which had been lasting for 5 years, “was tearing Europe apart.”

“We want to return to the Minsk format to peace back to Ukraine. I am ready to support you, Mr. President, in this intention, as well as in the dialogue with Russia too,” said Macron.

The French President clarified that he welcomes Zelensky’s efforts to establish a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and to solve the problems of the local population in Donbas.

Zelensky, in his turn, said that his priority as President was returning peace in Ukraine.

“It is my priority, this is my human position, and that as of the president. This is what I fall asleep and wake up with every day,” added the President of Ukraine.

“Me and the people of Ukraine cannot wait for next 5 years. We want to end the war, but to do so, both Russia and Ukraine should really want to end the war, not Ukraine alone,” Zelensky said.

“We really want to be heard, to return to the Minsk agreements, complete everything and end this war for our men to come back home alive. Like all other Ukrainians, I cannot hear that we keep losing someone every day,” the president added.

As The Journalist reported, Bolton believes Zelensky’s election creates necessary conditions for settlement situation in Donbas.

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