Another Ukrainian dies from coronavirus abroad

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that the number of Ukrainians died abroad from the complications caused by coronavirus increased to 4 people, UNIAN reports.

However, the Foreign Ministry did not specify in what particular country another Ukrainian citizen died.

Previously, three Ukrainians died in Italy. All deceased Ukrainians abroad are women.

The number of Ukrainians undergoing treatment has also increased from 20 to 22: 5 in Italy, 4 in Germany, 4 in the Dominican Republic, two in Poland, two in the United Arab Emirates, one in Spain, one in the Netherlands, in the USA (1) , Nigeria (1) and the Seychelles (1).

In total, 160 Ukrainians are quarantined, namely, in Poland (106), in Brazil (16), in Vietnam (8), in Nigeria (8), in Germany (7), in the UAE (3), in the USA (2), Australia (1), Azerbaijan (1), Moldova (1), China (1), Qatar (1), the Netherlands (1), Romania (1), Russia (1), Montenegro (1) and Belgium (1).

The number of recovered Ukrainians rose to 8, namely, in Japan (4), in Italy (2), in Germany (1) and in Poland (1).

As The Journalist reported, UIA suspends scheduled flights until April 24.

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