Iran: in case of Iran – US war, its consequences and duration could be unpredictable

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The commander of the joint operations of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic, Major General Goliamali Rashid said that any conflict with Iran would entail unpredictable consequences for the region and put the US troops at risk.

“If a war happens, its scope and duration will be unpredictable”, Rashid said.

The commander stressed that “the Trump administration should take a responsible approach to protecting the lives of American soldiers”, as Interfax-Ukraine reports.

It is worth noting that relations between Washington and Tehran became even more aggravated after the Iranian military shot down an American drone in the Strait of Hormuz.

At the same time, the United States stated that the aircraft had not invaded Iranian airspace.

In its turn, the representatives of Iran assured that they had shot down the plane when it was above the Iranian territorial waters.

As The Journalist reported, Iran quadrupled production of uranium.

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